Navratri — The Nine Forms of Emotion

Goddess Durga

Human beings exhibit nine emotions according to various situations. All of us carry some positive as well as negative emotions within us which can be devil or divine. But, we need to tame all the emotions to live a peaceful life.

Navarasa means nine emotions; rasa means emotional state of mind.

  • Shringara (love/beauty)
  • Hasya (laughter)
  • Karuna(sorrow)
  • Raudra (anger)
  • Veera (heroism/courage)
  • Bhayanaka (terror/fear)
  • Bibhatsa (disgust)
  • Adbutha (surprise/wonder)
  • Shantha (peace or tranquility)

These nine emotions are proof of our living and some of us have higher emotional quotients react more, and react impulsively. Emotions can’t be eradicated but they can be controlled. We need to have control over our emotions, to use the emotions positively, constructively otherwise they will make disasters. Emotional stability gives peace of mind.

Beautiful idol of Goddess Durga

Navratri, the nine days are exclusively dedicated to Adishakti Maa Durga, and her nine avatars, or nine incarnations of Maa who is epitome of strength, power, courage and women empowerment. The Navratri symbolizes victory of good over evil; which spans nine power-packed nights. Maa is very kind; she loves all her children and shows them the right paths. This Navratri let’s promise to control our nine emotions so that we can get the blessings of Maa Durga and can be more powerful, courageous to fight against all odds, evils, and injustice and we can defeat any Mahishasura.

It signifies the inner beauty and love that can heal anything. We need to emphasize our inner beauties like truth, honesty, humanity, kindness, and nonviolence etc. It can make our life easy and keep us happy. Similarly, love is our greatest strength, it teaches us sharing, caring to be selfless. So, love the people around you, love nature, the birds, animals. Love all the creations of God and experience divine love.

Joy or laughter represents happiness which is a state of mind that keeps us content. So, let’s be happy, spread joy. Happiness brings good health, creates positive aura and removes all the negativity from our life. So let the spark of joy enlighten our lives.

Pity or compassion gives the message that like day comes after night, happiness comes after sorrow. It’s due to sorrow, pain and anguish we can feel the pleasure, happiness. So keep it in mind that this too shall pass, and never be too attached to anything that will make you gloomy, and sad. Promise not to do anything that will make your life miserable. We must learn to empathize with each other during pain and suffering.

Anger can lead to hatred, violence, aggression, and brutality. A moment of anger can spoil everything. It can create hell out of heaven; it can create more enemies than friends. So let’s conquer this demon to make our life prosperous.

It is the day of heroism or courage. Maa Durga is the symbol of heroism, courage, bravery, fearlessness and the biggest warrior to fight with evil powers. Each one of us has a warrior inside. Let’s be brave, strong, courageous, confident, fearless, and raise our voice against injustices.

Fear signifies when we are engulfed, entrapped by fear, self-doubt, insecurity, worries, life becomes out of control, and we lose our inner strength. So, let’s kill this demon by truth, self-confidence, patience, love and knowledge.

Disgust which is related to self-hatred, self-pity, being judgmental. Let’s calm our body and mind with good values, good and positive thoughts and maintain a form of inner harmony that will balance everything. We can make our life amazing if we keep ourselves away from such negative emotions.

Wonder, which means amazement, surprise and the moment we become surprised, curious with something we fall in love with it, we enjoy the little things around us, life around us appears to be wonderful. Life also surprises us with wonderful gifts.

It is the day of peace. It means we need to be calm, peaceful, soothing, and contented. Inner peace is the biggest strength to lead a happy and healthy life. Similarly, with peace we can overcome hatred, anger, jealousy, bitterness and hard thought. It makes life very easy and comfortable; peace is the doorway to love, luck, goodwill, faith, and friendship. Let’s relax, sit silently and meditate. Let’s be the messengers of peace, and harbingers of prosperity.

Let’s wish and pray to Maa Durga to bless us with good health, wealth, happiness, prosperity and empower us with truth, courage, confidence and fearlessness to fight against injustice.

Wishing you all, A Very Happy and Prosperous Navratri from Shalimar Spices!

Jai Mata Di !

Stay healthy, Stay safe. This too shall pass.

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