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What do you mean by Humanity? I have always wondered about the deeply rooted objective truth behind it. From someone who talks about life as a computation in an irreducible universe, people often tell me to speak from the subjective experience side. Without this subjective experience, whatever the reason behind it, the whole physical reality is a futile thermodynamic system slowly moving to an entropic death.

Let’s talk about the subjective experience and humanity, and the question is can you define it? I don’t think you can in simple terms, because whatever that you come up with becomes a bit biased depends on your perspectives and a lot of social factors. We can define it in terms of human rights that’s been agreed upon by nations as a collective set of social rules that ensures the safety of our species as a whole. You can read about it in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Here are the 9 basic human rights.

1. Right to life, liberty, and personal security.
2. Freedom from torture and degrading treatment.
3. Right to be considered innocent until proven guilty.
4. Freedom of religion and belief.
5. Right to adequate living standards.
6. Right to free movement in and out of the country.
7. Freedom from discrimination and the right to equality.
8. Freedom of opinion and information.
9. Right to education.

“Humanity is dead” is something that I’ve been seeing everywhere. Since we are talking about humanity, it is obviously centered around human beings, homo sapiens to be precise. So humanity was better when we were ruthlessly killing each other for food and territory and power?
The idea that our ancestors were peace-loving, nature hugging beings is an absurd delusion and ignorance. We’ve been destroying nature and destroying each other from the moment we decided to get down from the trees. We are responsible for mass extinctions and genocides throughout human history. So, the idea of humanity is dead, is wrong and you can simply look at the history of different civilizations at different times, to see that we are improving as a collective, and the idea of humanity is getting much more refined and acceptable.
This does not mean that we are 100% there, how to get there is a much more complicated discussion we need to have, however uncomfortable it makes you.

Now to the issue that we’ve been talking about for the last few days. Why does the caste and gender of the victim matter? A lot of debate, people are throwing one word after another at each other on social media, is happening on this very question. On the one side, you’ve got people who say caste or gender has nothing to do with it, and it happened because “people are terrible”. Makes sense, because we are terrible species irrespective of gender. On the other side, you’ve got people who say this has everything to do with gender and caste.

Before talking about it, let me make one thing clear. It is okay to have different ideologies, just because you have different views than the person next to you does not mean that you should yell at them and tell them that they are stupid (because there are a lot of other reasons to call someone stupid). One thing we often forget when it comes to the fast debates of social media is the fact that, trying to understand someone’s perspective is just as important as figuring out the solutions. Cancel culture is not a solution but pure ignorance, and it is not part of liberal ideologies, it falls into the authoritarianism. You are simply labeling someone as bad, without giving them a chance to learn their mistakes and correct them.

To our question, if you are someone that believes caste and gender have nothing to do with this issue, then you are wrong and it is okay. You cannot see that perspective or comprehend it because you are privileged enough to have a life where you never had to face it and you never had the right kind of conversation about the sociocultural evolution and the current social hierarchy, you still have time to learn and understand why your views are flawed.

First, let’s make something really clear.
Rape is not a result of a “biological urge” or “natural drives”.
“Rape is an act of violence committed from a position of power”. It is a socio-cultural malady, that’s somehow deeply rooted in our society. If anyone is still explaining it in terms of evolution or biology, they are misinformed or twisting the truth. Even though a lot of human behavior is evolutionary and bounded by the genome, violent acts like hate crimes, rape, slavery, physical and mental abuse come from this socio-cultural hierarchy where one feels superior to the other. Thre are a lot of socio-economic factors too.

You hit your younger brother without a second thought but you don’t hit Brock Lesner even if he is knocked out on the floor (If you do, then you are just stupid, see there are a lot of reasons to call someone stupid). So this act of violence happens because you know they won’t respond back and you know you can get away with it.

We are already living in a patriarchal society where the culture itself is deeply rooted in this clear divide between men and women and add the obsolete caste system to this, the issues get much more complicated.
This does not mean that there are crimes happening against men or women from the upper caste or children. These are issues that need to be addressed and talked about, but THAT IS NOT WHAT WE ARE DISCUSSING HERE. When your best response to talking about social issues like this is whataboutery, then that creates a lot more problem and don’t really solve the existing ones.

Now to people who are going to respond “#notallmen” or “false rape accusations” or “all lives matter”. I just want you to take a few moments and think about what you’re trying to say. Of course, we know all lives matter, if you cannot comprehend the fact that we are talking about the established patriarchy that is ruining the lives of millions and we are not labeling everyone as bad, then you have different priorities in the way that you understand the reality. And this obsolete system has given you a lot of privilege and you are insecure about losing it.
And the first thought that you had when talking about strict laws and regulations when it comes to rape and other violent crimes, is “there are a lot of false accusations too, you can google the statistics”, then you are actually moving away from the problem that we are talking about. If you are more concerned about the false accusations than erasing the patriarchy and hate crimes, then that shows where your priorities are. You are consciously being ignorant of the horror that people face and more concerned about a hypothetical situation where false accusations may happen.

And I can’t stress this enough, this is no way downplaying any other social issues that we have right now, those are valid issues that need to be addressed, but not used as an excuse when we are talking about this. You have to educate yourself to understand the difference.

Just because you are born in a country does not mean that you should be proud of it, you should be proud of it only when it does not suck. So, you need to understand pseudo nationalism from patriotism. Politicians will obviously use this sense of fear to get your votes, but that does not solve any issues. When you feel a sense of superiority over other people just because you are born in a specific race or religion or caste, an arbitrary system created by some old men a long time ago, then you are way too deep in your privilege and you are delusional. Obviously, you will feel discomfort when you are stripped down from your “special privileges” and become equal to everyone else.

How to find solutions that work is a really complicated discussion and the one where we all invest our energy. There are a lot of social and economic factors that result in hate crimes. The first and most important thing is to have an educational system that talks about history and philosophy and teaches moral values to children at a very young age.
Accepting the fact that our cultural and religious values contain a lot of obsolete ideologies that divide and dehumanize people, and taking them away from our society and not passing it down to the next generation will help us get into the humanity that we all dream in a much faster way.
As long as there is no system that ensures the safety and equality of the people, then there won’t be a better peaceful society. It is our duty to start talking about it and making sure our voices are being heard.

We are a species that is planning to colonize Mars, industrializing the low earth orbits and making asteroid mining a reality. Yet, we have this social and economic inequality that is growing, sea level is rising and it will definitely create more chaos than ever before. And if we are still debating over whether patriarchy exists or not and whether there exists an unfair social system that is making this inequality worse then we are failing as a civilization and it is high time each one of us starts educating ourselves on our social responsibility and awareness.

Yes, issues like this make everyone angry, I was angry too (that’s the secret I’m always angry, hey Marvel if you’re looking for a new hulk you know where to find me, diversity matters right at least for your marketing) but it is important that we have a productive conversation about these issues without yelling at each other because of our political differences.
The only thing that is holding our civilization is the myths that we create, so it is important that we create them in such a way that it doesn’t discriminate people but unite us as one.

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